The Kaleidoscopic View

A line I saw months back said, “There are three truths: My truth, your truth, and the truth.”

I’m thumbing up the inventor of that quote, though Mark Twain would greatly disagree that no one is the real inventor of a thing. All new discoveries are old ideas refined, or bits by bits dropped by a gob of people packaged into one staggering presentation, delivered by one human who forgot, there’s nothing new under the sun.

Stories are written because we seek transformation. At one point, we want to change. We want to learn and grow and flourish. There’s a thirst for knowledge and discovery. Everyone, every single person, has his perspective of the tiniest issues on earth – the colors of ants, for instance.

And so, everyone is right.

That we have varying views on an opinion doesn’t mean there’s a right and a wrong one. It means we need to see from another point of view.

Hence, the kaleidoscopic view.

A kaleidoscope has no constant image. It produces different patterns based on factors surrounding its use. Disagreeing about an opinion doesn’t automatically make yours right.

There’s an alternative.

Why not smash the opinions and views and rather focus on the most important factor coordinating life.

“There are only two paths,” says Rachelle Dekker. “The ones created out of fear, and the ones created out of love.” I take permission to add a third one: the path you choose.

Your path gets the definition you give it. It determines your choices, your views, your beliefs, your ideologies, your opinions.

Dear friend and reader, choose wisely. Choose the path of love. Because the kaleidoscopic view isn’t going extinct. It is breathing and living and will remain as long as there are humans.

So, enough talk about that. The picture below was taken without warning, and well, it shows me. My name is Michael Emmanuel, I write, and I want to know you.


Can you do the same?

Afterword: Writing this post,  I did a bit research on kaleidoscopes. Would love to explore. One more thing, I’m working on a monthly newsletter to accompany a self-hosted website as soon as it’s affordable. And it’s gonna be called: The Kaleidoscopic View.

Thanks a lot for reading. Always share. Always. Thank you.


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