Walking In His Steps

It is oft said, “Standing on the shoulders of one who has been where you want to be gives you an edge.”


The principle cuts through sports, arts, and technology. The world best footballer according to awards and plaudits scored his first ever goal for his club with a lob. The pass that enabled the goal was played through by Ronaldinho – the world best footballer in that year. And you know how the footballer celebrated? He was backed by Ronaldinho. The then best player carried this rookie named Messi on his back and handed the torch.

No coincidence Messi has been named best footballer five times.


If you’re trending on the Christian movie network, you’d know the phenomenal War Room. Yeah, prayers and all. War Room, the novel, was penned by author Chris Fabry, also a presenter. How was his professional writing journey? His manuscript was stripped and shredded by Jerry Jenkins, the bestselling co-author of the Left Behind series.

Chris Fabry is at the moment a bestselling author and multi-award winner.

I could go into technology. Michael Faraday. He worked as a lab assistant for a science professor. Spent his lunch stipend on books. Wrote summaries of lectures delivered by great scientists. Mixed chemicals. Watched procedures birth result.

Today, and in the next hundred years, science cannot erase Michael Faraday.

This principle, however strange, works. I cannot fathom the origin, or the magic that propels it to yield. It just works.

For this reason Paul wrote, “Be ye followers of me, even as I am of Christ.” Awesome declaration. Confident proclamation.

How could a man have been bold enough to say, “I follow Christ,” at a time he was in chains under Felix, and then Festus, for declaring, Christ rose. There’s nothing bizarre about resurrection.

The Jews, who walked according to the law, were greatly offended. How could this man, once a Jew, claim that the law should be ditched and this never-happened-before event be embraced as the ultimate way? How could an ardent persecutor of believers suddenly reach for the banner with, “Christ is not dead,” and start waving round the streets of Jerusalem.

After the casts and crew were acknowledged in the movies God’s Not Dead 1&2, a series of cases brought to court were listed. What did the offenders do? They argued, “God is not dead.” Similar to Paul’s offence.

And at this time, he could say, “I follow Christ.”

Essentially, he blazed the path that many have come to trail in subsequent ages. Standing on the shoulders of He who had gone ahead.


Here’s my description of walking in His steps: Surely, a man walking at night before the advent of electricity and technology bears a lantern or a lamp. He would hold this lamp before him, or by his side as he strode. The lamp, depending on the man’s ability, might be small as a bulb or large as a football. The path being trailed would be lit because of the man’s light. Anyone following this man need not bear his own lamp. The light from the first man’s lamp would clear the way for him to see. Besides, the leading man would hit any obstruction before the follower, would fall into the ditches ahead.

A smooth journey for the follower. We have mentors in varying fields for this reason.

I am acquainted with designers, and I see them search out designs worked by those who are pros and apply these things. Save everyone some stress.

As a writer, reading books, blogs, and tips on writing surely affected my style. If this principle were to be removed, there would be nothing called education. Imagine that.

Why do I write this? For Christians, following Christ is vital. No more.

For non-Christians, learning the Way is the only way. No more.

For the reader, ask: Who do I follow?


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