Live, Love, Learn

There’s a disorder commonly known as OCD. It basically gets its bearer so worried to the point of refusing meals and every other necessary survival kit. It is an anxiety disorder, and anxiety is no good.

I am, as usual, seated on the yellow plastic chair, laptop on, fingers punching furiously (at least, I presume). The sun is afraid of escaping its shell, gifting the neighborhood a cold weather.

Once upon a moment, I read a series titled Bailey Flanigan series. Four books titled, Leaving, Longing, Learning, Loving. I suppose today’s blog post should tilt towards that angle.

It doesn’t.

I’ve chosen to write about love and life today because love is the foundational factor upon which all we do should be built. Love affects our decisions, influences our choices, limits our relationships, it orders our steps. And essentially, it is because there’s such a thing as love that we live.

And what about living? How else should life be lived if not in love? There’s no reason why so much should be invested into our habits, our hobbies, our jobs, our beliefs, if the platform of love is amiss.

Months back, reading A Gentle Thunder by Max Lucado, I came across a chapter devoted to Jesus’ teaching in John 15. It is a familiar tune in the ears of Christians that the greatest commandment is to love. But it goes way more than that. We don’t love others because, ahem, we are Christians and it is a commandment. Love is pure joy to the heart. It warms the blood and eases the bones.

It drives out fear.

Fear, the root cause of worry and panic and anxiety and unbelief.

I’ve been tempted to cave in and allow fear rule time and again. More often than I wish, I’ve given in. My greatest fear is fear of tomorrow. While I agree that it is needful to set goals and dreams and all, a boundary should exist to caution: Hey, be careful not to go haywire because of this and that…

Humans get so worried about the future and the past that we do not enjoy the present until it becomes a past. Then, the future we were so upbeat about zooms in and we repeat the same cycle.


Abide in love.

Abide in My love.

Live, love. It’d be unfair not to say anything about learning.

We engage in what we do because we desire knowledge. Knowledge gained is learning. As a respected man said, “I cannot relate with a man who hasn’t learnt something different today” (my paraphrase).

True words.


Be careful what you learn. Be careful how you live. Be careful who you love. And. The truth is, when you consciously live each day being careful, you are an arm’s length from panic.

So, I choose to live in love today. I will learn, for learning births change. But in my thirst for change, I’d be careful to abide by the greatest commandment. I will not panic about the future, for it is beyond my reach. I will not panic about the past, for it is a story. I will not panic about the present, for it is here with me.

I will live in love, doing all with love as the greatest. Amen.

What about you? Do you agree with the writer’s belief?

Afterword: Thank you for reading. Can I ever get tired of doing this? Nah. Kindly share with friends, family, friends of friends, and friends of family.


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