The Routine

There is a rusted coiled metal mounting the fence bordering my house. I’m told it has electric current and would zap out any intruder. I behold this guard more than anything else in my vicinity, likely because it’s just shy above a body’s length from my window, where I normally write.

The window is my favorite place. I sit there every day. Hardly does the moon retire without me visiting this spot. My textbooks are there. So are my writing notes. A dictionary with the cover torn off and some pages long missing. Past questions. Two bibles. Concurrent editions of devotionals.

I’m writing this because I want you to know. Know something about me. A peel off the skin. Like trying to find the smallest white of an onion. A lot of peels await you.

And isn’t that true of everyone? The rapid advance in technology has caused a platform for all to connect. Connect without knowing. It’s as easy to go online, find a cool website that offers what you seek, members willing to share information, and off you go.


The feeling of having a friend.

Friendships. Relationships. They most often do not work that way. I’ve been lucky to find some few sites that don’t shield reality. We are often told that as much as a connection online goes, it cannot cover the depth of a personal interaction.

Why this direction, you wander? Because I have a confession. I intended starting this with the #confession. And here it is. I’ve been a cheat. Six months back, my budding days as a blogger, it was necessary to blog twice a week.

Building platform, they said.

So I did. Mondays. Thursdays. It was fun. Then demanding. Much like a rookie associate clocking ninety-hours-a-week in his first month in a tax firm with the hope of making partner in five years. Half a year later, he’s crawling to make fifty. There were days I had to crack the outlet and let the words flow. Force them out. Just get them on the page for all to see.

Did it yield? Depends. No, I did not get a thousand views per post. I seldom get ten. Is there something I did wrong? Depends. I blog on a free website, with no email subscription. But. I learned. I learned deadlines. The routine put me in a position to meet deadlines, however inconvenient.

The question is, in building a platform with others, in attempting to connect with fans and humans alike, should we be inconvenienced? Maybe. Friendship demands, yes. Friendship, however, is not forced. Relationships are not to be executed with grudges.

Seth Border, in Blink of an eye, learned, “when academia put you on a pedestal, it expected you to perform as advertised.” Same applies to life. When life gives you an applause on a grand podium, you better not under-perform.

The consequences could be disastrous.

Today’s original post would have been love-related. I felt it had been a while I wrote about love – and those love posts do get more views. But when I picked the pen – literally – to write, I did not get half a page.

A disconnection with the love satellite.

Writing today was not a routine. I enjoyed every nanosecond of this. I wish that could be true of all the previous ones, and the ones that’d follow in ten years.

There’s a lining though, silver. I wrote. Like an inspired play. The best stories come from a moment of self-humbling, stripping every garment of accolade life has bestowed, falling into Maker’s wide open arms, and staying there. Just staying.

I don’t want to end this post. It ends, all the same.

Afterword: I concluded the first draft of my novel seven days ago, and editing has started. I’m seeing new ways to raise the stakes with some characters that were almost dormant.

Thanks for reading today’s post. And for following.


6 thoughts on “The Routine

    1. Wow. I’m smiling with all teeth right now. Thank you very much for your kind comments. I really needed something uplifting this moment and your response was it.
      ‘… persevere on. I think you have what it takes.’
      Wow. This means a lot. Thank you for reading.


  1. Hi Michael, I’ve been reading your comments on Books & Such and Steve Laube ever since you joined up. Your comments are well written and intuitive. Plus I see a willingness and eagerness to learn. I’ve not been at this long myself, about four years and have found it to be quite challenging. Thanks for responding.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There should be a cliche like, “Be careful what you do. Others are watching even if you do not see them.” I am utterly surprised at the comments. Really, really. Thank you so very much.
      I definitely would not forget these words in a long while.
      I’m not neck-deep yet either, and I do understand the rigors. Keep on ma’am. Go win.
      Thanks a lot for reading and visiting.

      Liked by 1 person

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