I Hate Sin

I hate sin.

With all of my being. This is my confession. This is my creed. This is my law. To hate sin.

Examining the creed.

I hate sin. My whole being. The complete making of me. All that I am, I put into the hatred of sin. My body. It belongs to God. It is subject to the Authority of Maker and Creator. My soul. It receives and observes the instructions of the Holy Spirit, which is truth, which is not lie.

My spirit. It is in right standing and fellowship with God. It is pure by the shedding of Christ’s blood, the propitiation for my sins.


I hate sin. This is not about the nature. It isn’t a function of the presentation. It is what I hate. I am in Christ Jesus. I am a new creature. I do not behold sin, for I am light. God is light, in Him is no darkness at all. It follows that I, who He has given power to become His son, am light.

I am the light of the world. Sin cannot dwell in my presence. Yea, my body was made for pleasure. Lie. Deceit. Sexual sins. Wickedness. Evil plotting. I am no subject to all this. For I hate them.


I hate sin. All that defines as sin. I do not view lying a less harmful sin than sexual sins or unholy thoughts. I do not condone blasphemy and reject fornication. All that does not glorify God, who is my Father, my Maker, do I hate.

Sin has no dominion over me. For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death. Sin cannot dwell in me, for the love of the Father is in me. Sin and I tread different paths, and though the roads interlink along the journey, I dwell above sin.

This is my creed. This is my law. This is grace.

Not sulking when I sin. Not going about with a heavy heart when addiction attacks. I do not give lying a shrug. All are sins. As all have sinned.

It is said, that those who are of the light, who know Christ Jesus, do not sin. In like manner, I am a vessel, earthen vessel, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of me. I do not consider myself to have achieved.

I do not behold myself as pure, righteous, or powerful to abstain from sin. I trust in the grace of Christ Jesus, sufficient to meet, and erase all my sins. For me, the difference between weaknesses, funs, and sins are the definitions I give them. The question, which is the truth is thus: Does it glorify Maker? Does it glorify my Father?

When it is nay, I do not stray unto it.

When it is yes, I observe to do.

This is my creed. This is my law. This is grace.


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