Monday Munches

Let us have a world of ordinary people living life the way God wants us to live. If we have a world of ordinary people, extraordinary things would happen to you and me.

A verse from one of my favorite tracks by Cobham (himself an ordinary person doing something extraordinary). Talking about ordinary people, I woke this morning with the ‘I have to blog’ panic attack.

Couldn’t concentrate in prayer. I told God, “tell me what to write.”


You know that moment when you’re waiting for the Come to Jesus answer designed to sweep all the obstacles away, and it doesn’t show. You linger, stretch neck, itch the earlobe and the hair scalp. Nothing shows. When you’re about to say quits, it pops.

It was two hours later in a discussion with mom that I flipped my bible to Esther. No verse raised a finger to beg attention, neither did any verse get whispered. I just knew I was writing about Esther this morning.

Esther, the ordinary woman who did extraordinary things.

Esther, the only book in the bible where there’s not the word God.

And for those two reasons, people dismiss Esther. Esther the woman. For there’s no mention of God in the book, it’s often believed that Esther the book isn’t a perfect fit for the bible.


Do I?

I’m certain Esther was an ordinary lady, as much as roaches are ordinary insects. The deal about Esther is this, we don’t carry a stamp around claiming we are God’s children. Or hold a banner with, “Hey, God is my pops. So watch it or get scalded.”

Really, we are God’s children. Abiding in His instruction is the go-to way. There’s no point in being a recluse just so the world sees you as the light that you are.

Jesus said, “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” The thing is, God said it earlier via the frightful Isaiah. Nations shall come to thy light, mighty kings to the brightness of thy rising.

Note: The moment you feel a need to tell others that you are a Christian, or of your faith stamped in Christ Jesus, there’s a red flag lurking in the corner. And red flags aren’t good. Aren’t good.

One more thing being God’s child doesn’t mean. It doesn’t mean you don’t have to watch movies (except checked by the Holy Spirit which is in you at confession). It doesn’t mean you have to trim your hair once a month. Being light isn’t a result of keeping to rules. It is a result of trusting in the One who replaced rules.

Back to Esther. Remember, she was a Jew. The Jews are Israelis. God’s personal people. Descendants of Abraham. What more evidence is needed to show that every single verse (167 in total) of the book is God?


In math, there’s this cheeky term called substitution. We have x + y = -7, and y = -3, then the equation rereads as x – 3 = -7. In like vein, Jew = God’s people.

Verses containing Jew(s).

Esther 10:3 – For Mordecai the Jew was next unto king Ahasuerus. Becomes, For Mordecai, God’s person was next unto king …

Esther 9:23 – And the Jews undertook to do as they had begun. Becomes, And God’s people undertook to do as they had begun.

Run this through the book of Esther, and you’d find that it is as much God as every other book. Perhaps more.

Here’s something to munch for today. This saved me from succumbing to the panic. By the way, there’s no exact topic. Never thought of one.

Remember, you don’t have to say you are light. Your light speaks. And the world better be full of ordinary people. God’s people.

Afterword: The song from which the opening line features is titled, “Ordinary People.” There, the author asks that we join in doing a lah. So, lah lah lah lah lah lah lah lah lah lah lah lah (you sure changed tones while doing that). Also, the original title of the post is: Monday Morning Munches. It’s afternoon here though. I didn’t purpose to use a picture, but just before posting, I found the one used. Thanks for reading.

Next post: Thursday – Operation Armastus 6. Be on the watch.


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