Go Away! Take A Leave

To be unique, distinct, as an individual, a person, a being, an entity, a soul, in a mass occupied with over six billion people is nothing but draining. Isn’t that what we live for? Standing out. Making a mark. Getting recognized. Being accepted for who we are of six billion.


There was no post last week, and I hardly stayed online through the weekdays. There was a need to get away from the chatter, clatter, and clutter that make the world we inhabit. The events that slammed into my week would have made blogging a strain.

Now, I’m refreshed, and with a new sight (at least I hope). Three things I’d be sharing from last week’s sabbatical.

  1. Go Away: I’ve always known this. If a man slumps and dies, he can only be mourned for the stretch of thirty days. Then life continues. It’s the same in fiction.

Our biggest hold from not getting away is fear. We fear what becomes of everything in our absence. Would the kids play their roles well? Would the projects suffer from the break? For writers, it’s about the effects on deadline day.

But we need it. We really do.


Working could be fun. Having a purpose is bull’s eye. Ministering to other’s needs is a privileged experience. So also is a break. A leave. A sabbatical.


Imagine, I didn’t have to worry about views and likes and new followers on twitter. Now, I value CEOs decision to go on holidays. It’s pure awesome. Already, this has made my bucket list for when I am a career man.


  1. Get New Sights: Not eyeglasses, or new eyeballs. Being apart from the demands of a twenty-first century world gifts us the chance to see from a different angle, with a different intention.

It doesn’t have to be selling out, or changing values. We just begin to realize what has always been, but never seen.

Here’s my take from last week.

I’ve known the verse in Acts 2:1 for almost a decade, never did I figure that the disciples, by record, were gathered on the day of Pentecost. Now, Pentecost is a feast of harvest that begins in the evening and lapses into the afternoon of day three.

Chances are heavy that 1. The disciples had spent the previous night together, studying the commandments or 2. The disciples were as tradition requires, fasting.

Also, Pentecost is a feast of harvest. There was a harvest. 3000 souls. Not a coincidence (Google would provide more information on Pentecost).

Guess. I saw this because I was unconcerned about some things. This happened Thursday morning, when I should be investing two hours into platform.

It might be a new business idea. A solution to some infection resting in a missing link. There’s just the guarantee of something fresh.


  1. Come To Jesus: Jesus might not have proclaimed Himself as a Jealous God, but He did mention no one can serve God and mammon. Christ doesn’t give a ‘no-work’ rule. He only recognizes the importance of intimate fellowship.


All His major events happened following a break. The choosing of the 12. The water walking, storm calming. The crucifixion. Why? A break prepares the heart. The brain may be ignorant of what’s-coming, but the heart is steady.

If I hadn’t been on a break last week, I’d have been forced to get one this week.


Get Away! Take A Leave. You necessarily don’t have to be absent from work. It’s all about attaching oneself to something different. Something new. Something fresh.


So there goes. Three lessons. One break. Go Away!


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