Operation Armastus 8 – Shocker

It all happened too quick, too premeditated, too detailed, denying Colt the chance of a riposte.

The four-runner had guided them onto a plain desert, now muddy from the lashings of rain, and the three, Colt, Kim, and Jon, went about the journey without a verbal exchange. Facial dialogues, aplenty.

And then…

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I Hate Sin

I hate sin.

With all of my being. This is my confession. This is my creed. This is my law. To hate sin.

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Operation Armastus 7

Norms had never favored Kim.

The day a girl clocks sixteen, norm demands her to wake with a large grin smeared on her face, plait her hair in buns held by pink rubbers, paint her lips in blood-red lipstick, and don a large fuchsia sweater with Sweet Sixteen inscribed in block white fonts.

Not so for Kim.

Sixteenth year was the day she received her first slap from her father. Sixteenth year was the day she last saw her father. Receiving the five splayed fingers against the soft of her cheek had her thinking life was full of surprises. Terrible surprises. Continue reading “Operation Armastus 7”

Growing Up

It is an expected thing for a man to die once, and then judgment.

There is a time to be born, and another time to die.

Between the two, a period of growing elapses. Growing up. Really, it is fun to grow. It is more fun to not grow. I’ve witnessed testimonies from people who longed for a day or two as being a child. As a child, a lot do not concern you. You don’t need to know why everyone is holding a candlelight and walking in somber silence. You just follow. You don’t need to know the motive behind the kiss from your seven year old classmate. A blush settles it.

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Operation Armastus 6

Colt felt a coat of bravery blanket him, and with it a zip of uncertainty. His fingers held feverishly the butt of his weapon. Beside him, Kim was cowering before the door, one of her arm entwined in his.

Outside, a shootout ensued between Mason and co. and Arabs. Heavy weapons grinding into bulletproof vests and throwing such recipients backward with a force so powerful Colt was certain he wouldn’t have survived. If he was out there.

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Monday Munches

Let us have a world of ordinary people living life the way God wants us to live. If we have a world of ordinary people, extraordinary things would happen to you and me.

A verse from one of my favorite tracks by Cobham (himself an ordinary person doing something extraordinary). Talking about ordinary people, I woke this morning with the ‘I have to blog’ panic attack.

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Operation Armastus 5

(contd. From fourth installment – Gone Wrong)

2000 miles from the barn, a man fell on one knee before the large steel box. He removed the hood he’d used to mask his face in the event one of the guards escaped, dug hands into the small attaché he carried, and exhaled.


The man inserted the key into a hole designed for such and waited for a lengthy ten seconds. The box gave a beep and required passcode. He thumbed Armastus. Another ten seconds.

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