A Time To… Not Dream.

The aging king wrote, “To every thing there’s a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” He went on highlight those things. But there was one he didn’t mention.

It wasn’t so phenomenal in their days, I suppose.

There’s a time to… not dream. If you thought the title was a typo, be assured it is not. There’s a time to not dream.

Last fall, I got a mail from a writing teacher. The sum of the content is this: not every story idea should be developed. She noted the importance of outline (which I still do not observe), and its use in segmenting the ideas that require a space in the dustbin from the wow ones.

In same measure, not all dreams are worth growing. And there are times we should not dream. Nursing this topic, I distilled the conditions for not dreaming to three.

A time to... not dream

  1. When you are filled with zilch passion. Nothing sucks more than a goal that doesn’t energize you. You don’t want to engage in a project that flattens your interest before you exit stage one.

In Talent Is Never Enough, John Maxwell lists thirteen things needed to boost talent. I bet you know that which energizes it. Passion. Let me ask, if Michael Jordan wasn’t passionate about shooting hoops, would he be one of the greatest?

Think Ben Carson. Leonardo da Vinci, Pele, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, William Shakespeare, Thomas Jefferson, Lee Kwan Yew. The list doesn’t stop. If ministry is that which you dream, remember Watchman Nee was very zealous about his calling. So was Paul, the radical Apostle.

Passion doesn’t mean absence of challenges. It denotes a willingness to drive on despite the mounting pressures, being filled with a joy that awaits at the end.


  1. When you are required to trade values. The enemy of all. Do you expect a bit of the other be pleased to leave? Think of this in terms of character. If reaching a certain desired height would cost forfeiting what you stand for, then stab the dream.

I’m sorry for being the carrier of this news, but stab it. In the heart, where it wouldn’t breathe again. In the book I mentioned earlier, there’s a chapter that discusses Character as one of the thirteen. The title says it: Character Preserves Your Talent. Maxwell shares a story that I won’t digress into which talks about a scientist who betrayed himself.

Note though, that this applies to those who have values. If there’s nothing a man stand for, they say he’ll fall for anything. I say he won’t even fall, because he never stood. He was always fallen.

Get values. Streamline your dreams alongside. Don’t trade them. It’s essential.


  1. When it yields negativity on others. Again, I’m sorry, but why pursue a dream that won’t benefit anyone in any form at any time for any reason. This is very hard to come by though. Scarcely would man wake up to pursue a goal if it doesn’t lift others.

Well, except the person hasn’t done the prior two conditions. Then alone, would a dream yield zero on others.


There they go. The three conditions that determine when a dream should be quenched. Or not even pondered.

Afterword: Do you agree with these? Are there suggestions you want to offer? Have you ever carried a fleeting dream? Why did you let go?

Once more, thanks for reading. Your comments are appreciated.



4 thoughts on “A Time To… Not Dream.

  1. Hey well said, I really agree with number two!
    In addition, avoid energy drainers! If you cannot see how it yields results that are in line with your values and goals at a particular time, abandon ship!


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