Keep At The Goal.

In the beginning, God made Heaven and Earth. And the Earth was without form. Right? So before Heaven and Earth occurred, there was nothing. Right again? Hm.

What if I inform you that there was something before the nothingness? There were creations before man. The existence of man only triggered a host of words, one of which is time.

And today, we have a new month, because we have time.

Sometime in February, when there was no blog, I wrote a short story that discussed the relationship between goals and time. You know, every goal has to be SMART, for which the ‘T’ represents ‘Time-bound’. No time limit, no goal.

Sixty-two days back, I started a novel that was set to be completed by 31st of July, yesterday. That I’m only 60% gone doesn’t mean I’ve failed, does it? Because, I necessarily do not have to be subject to the law of time.

Or maybe not.

I’m a writer, and I’m not schooled in the arts of time management. Not my forte at all. Anyway, my intention today is to get three things across.

  1. It’s a new month. Yeah. Happy August. We ought to get a break once in a while before falling back to the seeming monotonous tasks that are determined by time. However, we aren’t often granted that luxury. Yet, it’s still a new month.
  1. Not all things are bound by time. Well, sort of. For example, when is the right time to give birth? Or to exit this world? In a way, our race isn’t a subject to time as much as we are. Finishing well isn’t negotiable, but we do not know when the end would zoom in.

I think it’s mainly because the author and finisher of our faith, to whom we look upon when we run, isn’t bound by time. He exits outside time, and while He gives errands to be delivered at a particular moment, He orders it so for our sake.


  1. The goals must continue. That some goals and assignments were limited to a particular season during which they were not achieved doesn’t mean we slam the ‘quit’ gavel over them. No.

We keep at it. Day in. Day out. Stephen King is reputed to have said, “Just finish the book”. So, just finish it. Finish it.

All that been said, it’s time I sign out of here. I really was afraid of what to write before setting out to do this, partly because I’m feeling the urgent need for a ‘self-hosted’ blog and there’s no cash yet.

Anyway, thanks for reading this. Do share with others too.

Keep at it!!!


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