Operation Armastus (4) – Gone Wrong

Her head slammed against the car door. She balanced in time to get thrown into the seat.

The BMW zoomed at a breaking speed, cutting past cars and zoning into unprecedented passages like it was an everyday happening. Colt was taking it all with ease, his only tense moment being when he checked mirrors – rear and side – and found Mason on his trail.

Kim wasn’t.

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When it’s over, it’s really over… or not.

Write the vision, make it plain upon tables. So this morning, I was pondering failed dreams and accomplished dreams. Those who succeed with their goals, and the group that doesn’t. Is there a difference?

Here’s my two cent: goals are goals, dreams are dreams. What determines fulfilment isn’t the size or impact of the goals, but the mindset.

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A Time To… Not Dream.

The aging king wrote, “To every thing there’s a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” He went on highlight those things. But there was one he didn’t mention.

It wasn’t so phenomenal in their days, I suppose.

There’s a time to… not dream. If you thought the title was a typo, be assured it is not. There’s a time to not dream.

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