God Is Love.

Of recent, I’ve had some questions stir up concerning love, and I’m choosing this platform to voice them.
Fathomed in the image of God, we’ve been given an order to love, and it’s such a crazy one. Crazy in the sense that our form of love is not as the world sees, desires, or anticipates.
It transcends all known or conceived notion, leading into a new realm. And isn’t it awesome, that God, who is a Spirit, has called us to love? Like, as I have loved you, so love one another.
Some hours back, my brother quipped, “that you love someone doesn’t mean you see eye-to- eye with them about every issue.” If this is true (and it is), how then are we expected to
demonstrate that which changes not just us, but others. What is the greatest end we should go in the name of love?
Another question I’ve been nursing is this: Is there such a thing as wrong love? Or indecent love? Or premature love? Or vengeful love?
I can’t say I have answers yet – it’s why I write, but this I know, that God so loved the
world that He gave, and in the same breath, He commanded us to give. In the end, what
counts is that we let go of something we treasure, something that weighs a lot in our hand.God-Is-Love
A lot of teachers refer to the temple incident – when Jesus drove out multitudes for trading
– as holy anger. Is there such thing as holy love? What differentiates the love of Jesus from
that of the prodigal son’s father? Are they in line with all that Paul describes as attribute
of love…
I believe I’m breaking some of my own guides… Months ago, I had a post titled ‘ Saved by the Lyrics ‘ in which a line of the lyrics said, “you don’t need the answers to all of life’s
questions… just love them like Jesus.” This, coupled with my infantile attempt today,
definitely confirms that questions would arise aplenty.
What counts, what is necessary, is that we love. We just love. We don’t have to figure out if
we’re having ‘holy’ love, or if we can speak many languages, or if we can determine the
future. Love. L.O.V.E
Love is the fullness of God, for God is Love. The more of Love you know, the less of yourself you see, and the more of God you become.
That’s what will hold in the eternal. How much of love we know. For God is love.


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