The Difference between God’s Grace and Love

If you are a bookworm, or a booklover, the odds are good that you’ve read a particular book five times or more. I’ve certainly done so, and one of those books is Redeeming Love. It’s one of the best Christian novels I’ve ever read, giving an apt painting of God’s Love.

I’ve always dreaded the topics Grace and Love, partly because I don’t know them, partly because they’ve been misused. And the proverb says ‘what you don’t have, you can’t give.’ However, I am here, facing them.

Some weeks back, I read a post on a virtual mentor’s website where he discussed the difference between sin and mistake. Sin is an intentional offence. Mistake is accidental. Both require forgiveness, yet they are different. What does Grace cover? Sin, or mistakes?


It’s my opinion that God’s Grace doesn’t cover sin, it surpasses it. We approach the throne of Grace, because God sees His grace on us, and can therefore accept us as His own. Also note, that once you change the driver, handing it over to Him, you are donned in a spotless robe.

It’s like this: David, who has just crossed the adulthood hurdle, informs his dad of a meeting with a friend but doesn’t hint that the family’s Benz would convey him. On his return home, he smashes the headlamps of the car. Bearing the cost of that damage isn’t evitable for this man, but that doesn’t make him a lesser son of his dad. David is still his dad’s son.

So are we. That we sin, or make mistakes, doesn’t lift the robe off our necks, at least not until we give an outright rejection of our sonship.

What does God’s Love do? It privileges us to accept His grace. We aren’t given grace because God favors our nationality, skin, appearance, commitment to service, or even our obedience. It’s a free gift. A verse of Paul’s epistle says, ‘long before He made the world, God chose us… who stand before Him covered with His love.’

Just as a mother loves her unborn child (except she never wanted him, and God wasn’t kidding when He said, let’s make man in our image).

Checking through, Love accepts us for who we are. And the amazing thing about Love is that we can give it. Heck, we can give Grace too. Max Lucado, in Grace: more than we deserve, greater than we imagine, says Grace received is grace given. The work of Grace isn’t complete in us till we begin to give…

And love? There’s no essence in remaining on earth but to show the love of Christ that is in us. Jesus’ ultimate commandment was: Love thy God with all thy being, and love thy neighbor as thyself. This is how to measure thy love. The greatest love is shown when a person lays down his life for his friends.

The novel I mentioned earlier is based on the book of Hosea, examining the Love of God for the worst of sinners. How did the woman in this book ascertain God loved her? Her husband, Michael, loved her tirelessly. Not minding who she was. I’m pretty certain it would have been awkward if a flaming fire had appeared before her claiming she was loved (harder to imagine).

So, there it goes. Love privileges us to be family. Grace surpasses our faults and mistakes. Both with God, and with man.

Afterword: How do you intend living today in Love and Grace? Do you have a unique story of Love and Grace in action? Do you have another opinion of this? Share! Thank you so much for stopping by to read. Kindly share with others. Stay blessed.

References: Ephesians 1:4, John 15:13.


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