Reading Love Gestures

Hello! In my last post, I hinted that I read a blog giving suggestions on topics to discuss. One of the ideas was to post pictures and ask readers to imagine the thoughts hidden beneath the gestures. That has prompted me to attempt this: Peeling the layers sheathing Mary’s look.

I saw a video some weeks before Christmas last year, and I think I watch it once a month. Here’s a scene in the video where the character Mary stares at the character Jesus on the cross.

What is Mary thinking

I’m wondering if this was the real Mary’s reaction at the crucifixion. Take on the costume of a writer or artist for a while and imagine more about Mary from this picture (apologies if the picture is a bit dingy. Cut it from a video player).

I think this mother, cos that’s a motherly look, is concerned about her son, afraid for Him. She’s not bothered that He rejected her literally (See Luke 8: 20 – 21). She’s in doubt the disciples would not abide in His teachings, given that they had absconded after His arrest. She has just one regret, that she didn’t understand Him early enough. She’s amazed at His depth of love, and she’s sending out prayers that He finish His assignment well…

How did I do? What are your thoughts? Let’s hear them. Feel free to comment…


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