I Need Rain, Not Sunshine

Do you wake each morning with a grueling project awaiting you, and you feel like calling it quits? Sometimes, you get those moments when you just wanna yell, ‘I’m not doing it again. No one is encouraging.’ Perhaps, you are as I am, obsessed with having everything working your way before embarking on a decision. Let me share this account.

The week before last, the wind of unprecedented events blew across my yard, resulting in some pause in a story I’m writing. Not that it should be an excuse, but sometimes, family weighs more than anything (save God).

So last week, I purposed to make up for the lapse in daily writing. I hadn’t practiced enough, and the downside of craft work is practice, unlike a savings account. Having stationed my intention, I started towards the aim.Rain, not sun

First day, Sunday, I scripted a meager thousand words, but I was hopeful. Sundays happen to be my busiest day, what with church commitments et al. If I could pull this on a Sunday, how much more would I do on weekdays.

Monday, it was a tug. Didn’t bathe till mid-afternoon. Just kept at it, till my fingers could take no more. Twenty five hundred words. What? How did that happen? I was elated. Finally, some life was springing up, and I could very well anticipate a better performance come Tuesday.

When the moon finally withdrew, and dim lightness parted for a brilliant morning, I was refreshed. Energized. Crunched fingers. Went through house chores in a breeze. Even brushed and showered. Fixed some grain for breakfast. Ensured everything was in its own setting, as the time ticked 10 am.

Then, I started, and slogged about. Fingers became a pillar of marble, a glimmer on the outside, but stiff in functioning. Were you given access to the laptop that day, you’d hardly swallow the fact that I’ve been a year at writing.

Two hours later, I hadn’t gotten half a thousand. The laptop was running low.

What did I do? Packed shop and headed for church – constant electricity, little or no distraction, and what else. Little did I know.

If home had been ‘unproductive’, church was ‘pathetic and miserable’. Not diving into details, I spent a double of the hours I did at home, yet I didn’t write a thousand words.

You see, when I decided to take writing serious, I read a ‘how-to’ where the author, who is a maestro, advised that we should eliminate every distraction to get the best of writing time. Having been a person who loves privacy, it was an affirmation of my ‘strength.’

Yet, in waiting for the perfect moment, a day had been drained.

There is a time for everything, says King Solomon. I would argue that there is a time to write without interruption – as I am now – and a time to just get it done, however unfavorable the circumstances, like I should have acted then.

And not just writing, but everything. Investment moguls call it risk. Whatever it has been termed, we can’t always wait for perfect weather – when the bills have been paid, and the kids are doing fine, no relative receiving drips, the laptop in perfect condition, the business ideas well laid out.

It doesn’t always work that way. If you still nudge a doubt, ask *Isaac, who sowed in famine and reaped a hundred fold. And here is a scripture to meditate on: **if you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done.

Not pessimism, but the truth.

*Genesis 26: 12

**Ecclesiastes 11:4 (The Living Bible)

Afterword: I got help from a learning blog late last week on what to blog about. She gave thirty one topics, for thirty one days, and they aren’t all unwitty. Be on the watch for some of them. Thank you for reading. Kindly share with friends. And for those who care to know, I kinda made up for the lapse. Also, the laptop is US standardized, so forgive the seeming spelling errors (e.g meager – meagre).


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