Love Reticle

It’s another privilege to share. My eyes are tugging right now, demanding sleep. The time in small white digital in a corner of the laptop’s screen reads 0218 hrs. I really should be asleep.

I’m reading a book titled, ‘Talent Is Never Enough’. The chapter I concluded today (yesterday, literally) talks about focus, and how it directs one’s talent(s). A quote cited is summed up in these words: the more we narrow our focus, the wider our view expands. Going by examples in the book, this works for talent.

How much more Love.

When we take that conscious step, and walk towards making it a regular part of us, we grow towards perfect love. Focus on loveThe story is told of a mother hen who took her chicks on a feeding expedition. One of the chicks got stuck under a fallen branch.

Following mother instincts, the hen went after it, retrieved the chick, only to discover another had gone missing while she was away. And she was off, going for the lost chick. The cycle repeated itself through the group, each chick having to be rescued.

When mother hen arrived with the last chick, she had prepared herself for another round, but she met a cock instead. The cock had buried behind dry leaves and watched the whole scenario.

The cock seemed confused. “How could you go back for each chick?”

“It was what I decided to do,” mother hen replied. “I didn’t even know I was doing it.”

Love, in a way, works like the mother hen’s response. Choosing to live each day in love is the only way to grow in it. Not reading books that dissects the topic. Not flipping through blogs. Knowing what love involves, and being willing to make the step is the way to go.

As Jesus said, “remain in my love.”

It’s an everyday, forever issue. It won’t serve me well if I decide to respond in love to a neighbor today, and be frank tomorrow. Love must be injected every day. I should be willing to flip an eye over a wrongdoing and forgive in love.

Why then do I find it so hard to do so? Why can’t I live as Jesus did, loving my enemy has He commanded? Why do I rejoice when someone who has hurt me has a sad day?

I think the reason is because I am yet to grasp a full understanding of Love. It’s complex. It’s an ocean. If you are like me, don’t panic. Just keep at it, like I’m learning. And I assure, the more we focus on living a love-laden life, the easier we get at it.

And the more we become like our Father. It is the only way to act as children of our Father in heaven.



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