He Ran To Me

He ran to me

Last Thursday, I did a wrap up on Love. Highlighted how important power, gifts, connections, talents etc. might be, and how Love surpasses them all. Here’s the link to that post. http://bit.ly/1UDIzy5.

Today’s post isn’t on Love per se, but how it affects our Father and us. Let me tell a concise story.

There was a Man who had large farmlands, more than anyone in the city, country or continent. He’d boasted that his was the biggest in the world, and he was right. He had two children, male and female, and he gifted them with enough lands to secure their prosperity for generations.

When he felt they’d gleaned enough wisdom from him, principles on godly living, obeying authorities, being successful farm owners, and of course obeying their Father, which essentially was him, he bade them goodbye. The day of departure was the only time the Father would weep. A neighbor recalls that the Father buried His face in the hem of his robe.

The Father wasn’t weeping for fear, but because he knew the world beyond his expanse ranches bore a gob of distractions, and he so much cherished his children’s companionship. What did he do? A contingency plan. He gifted his kids with a mobile that could reach him from anywhere in the world. No one – not the point-nosed neighbor, not the Father’s closest associate, and definitely not the children who waited by the trucks – had seen ever seen a mobile as such.

They could call Him in the bath, while milking cows, even when stuck in a subway station. Anywhere. With that, his mind was assured – his children would always reach him. The only downside was that the Father couldn’t make the first call. The mobile was constructed such that the Father could only wait for his children (who were grown enough to be called young adults) to call him.

And so they departed. And the days grew to months. The children thrived, for a while. Then, the inevitable happened. The daughter’s farmlands suffered infestation – rodents, rabbits, and rats were glad to make her farmlands a habitation. She knew her Father could handle such a massive attack – she’d seen him overcome one with the tap of a feet. But, she was afraid to call. Rather, she feared the Father would rebuke her for being so careless and ignorant. So, she watched on as the attack continued.

Thousands of miles away, the Father knew of his daughter’s tragedy. He’d heard good reports from his son, and urged the son to go help his sister, but the son refused. The Father waited for the call from his daughter. One of his workers would note that the Father went about His managerial duties in grief. He always had a hand clutched over his chest.

One sunny gusty morning, when he couldn’t bear it any longer, he departed. The workers were dazed. The Father was leaving all the lands attributed to Him to help His daughter. Padding His favorite horse, he unrobed his royal apparel and took on a countryside dressing. Off he went.

The daughter, wallowing in a cabin in the last farmland, heard the hoofs and wondered who would be merciful enough to visit her. Guess what happened when she peeked out of the caved-in cabin. She went numb. Her Father, in corduroys and boots, alighted, and started running. Towards her. She couldn’t believe. He was crying as he ran. Screaming. Singing. Shouting. Arms wide open. Above, she heard blades whirling and looked. Oodles of copters filled the air, her Father’s workers occupying every seat. Looking on.

She ran towards her Father. And He ran to her daughter. They embraced. They wept. They sang. Then He said, “You should have called me. I Love you, my daughter.” She was forlorn. She wanted to say: I’m sorry Father. She said, “Father, look at the lands you gave me.”

The Father didn’t look. He didn’t have to. She turned. Her mouth drew wide in shock. There was no indication of an attack. Then she snapped. The Father had overcome the first infest with a tap of his feet. But for her, he didn’t tap. He pounded his feet and ran.

The daughter knew no greater joy.

I don’t know any greater joy than the truth that God is always waiting for us. And that He put off his royal apparel in heaven to be a carpenter on earth. Just for anyone who would jump into his embrace. That’s the greatest Love story ever. It has been told over and again. Songs. Movies. Books. Stories. And now, this blog.

Here’s a link to one of the best ‘prodigal’ stories I’ve ever watched. http://bit.ly/1TXHfGR I have a question for you: What is the greatest act of Love you’ve received?

After-word: I promised to tell a concise story. I hope this wasn’t too long. Also, I read this blog yesterday, and I thought you might enjoy it. http://bit.ly/1ZBhVKG. Kindly share, like, and leave comments on this post. I love you all.


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