A Monday of Sorts.


“What if you awake one morning and you realize something’s amiss? You know it. You can beat your chest and swear in front of a court that something’s certainly wrong. You stand and face the mirror, give it a long stare in hopes to remember, but it just seems to evade you. Then, in a moment of sheer luck, you figure it out. You’ve found the missing board. And what is it? Sleep.”

That was exactly how I felt this morning at 6:40. I knew I had to hit the mattress again. It had been a frenetic hectic start to a week. Last month, I posted a blog about being water baptized. https://michaelemmanuel.wordpress.com/2016/04/25/if-i-could-drown/. We were awarded the certificate yesterday, prompting my departure from church at some minutes shy of seven p.m. rather than the usual 3:30. I do write my Monday/Tuesday posts on Sunday (or at least do the mental outline) but on getting home yesterday, I could only withstand shower and dinner before hibernating.

When it came time to plan the day, which was after I’d managed two extra hours, I knew there wasn’t going to be a post today. But, as the case warrants, I so much enjoy sharing on this blog that I just had to open Word document and ramble on. Here is the result of my rambling.

Note: This is an advice from someone who still has a truckload to learn. Don’t burn out yourself, and if you are driven to, be certain the reward is guaranteed. This past week, I’m not sure I managed a total of thirty hours of sleep, plus the dozen hours spent in church yesterday. Also, I read a blog post a while back and I’d be sharing the link. http://www.stevelaube.com/reaching-new-generation-readers/#comment-121883. That makes two link you can check out. Thank you so much for patiently perusing this.

Thank you.


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