Love Reticle

It’s another privilege to share. My eyes are tugging right now, demanding sleep. The time in small white digital in a corner of the laptop’s screen reads 0218 hrs. I really should be asleep. Continue Reading

Walking above water

Everything is a privilege. Twenty-four hours past, I didn’t envisage having a post. As the Father willed it, I’m posting again.

I have another story to share, one that reflects a topic bothering me, or shall I say nipping at me. I hope it gets communicated across well:

‘Twenty yards. Throat gasping. Its steps pounded behind. Knees begging for a rest, I ran. Continue Reading

If You Were Superman

Growing up was hellish. I didn’t start living till the middle of my twelfth year, and I only got life about two years ago. Given my upbringing, I was ways out of tune with superheroes. My first superhero was Spiderman, and I never knew Ant man till three-four months ago (see how poor I was in that field).

But you know the stuff with the first girl you like in high school? She’s the best. Always the best. Until she hammers your heart, or you meet another. So it was with Spiderman. I thought he was the best. I’d run errands for mum and imagine jumping on roofs of the sparse tall buildings in our street and swinging unto poles. Continue Reading