The Unplanned Love-Act


If you’re following this blog, you’d observe there was no notification of a post yesterday. That’s because the unprecedented swept into my schedule like a tornado blast. This morning, as I struggled with what to do: apologize for missing a ‘love’ serial or pretend as if nothing went wrong, this occurred: The Unplanned Love-Act.

The last eight or nine Thursdays (didn’t take count) have been dedicated to Love. Act love. Show love. Learn love. Teach love. Forgive in love. Blah, blah, blah. Today, I thought this, what form of Love goes without giving. I’m used to hearing the mantra, “you can’t love without giving.” However trite it might be, it is true.

The best times we show that we love someone/something is when we let go (give) something valuable. And it doesn’t have to be material alone. Dog owners, how many minutes do you take to feed your mutt, Rottweiler or German shepherd? Plus walking the dog, taking it to the vet… I bet the dog wouldn’t take money from you if you offer it…

Same principle applies to human relationships. While it’s great to give money, gifts, toys, it’s more awesome giving the non-material (time, prayers, words of encouragement, godly counsel…) And it gets better when it’s an off-the-cuff act. No preplanning or the like…

So, without prevaricating, let’s show that we love others by giving. And let’s practice unplanned love-acts. It’s gonna change the world around us, and even make us better…

After-word: Apologies for missing yesterday’s post… Kindly share this post… And show that you love me by praying for me. Thank you.


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