Monday Mix – Why do I blog?

Monday audience

Warning!!! This isn’t the post you should be seeing today. But it is here, thanks to my laziness. I intended posting a snippet of my Work In Progress, however, a tardiness in running errands and finishing projects won’t allow that. And I had to get a message across. God loves me, you know, because I just found out what to post.

Why do I post on my blog? Why am I keen on regular posts?

One – To connect with the outside world. Truth be told, most of those who have ‘liked’ my posts since its inception are beings I’ve never met. Some have even be gracious enough to follow. Wow. Thank you guys.

Two – I have a story to tell. According to a research an author posted, 81% of us have a story to tell. And having a reader (or listener as the case may warrant) is the only guarantee to a sweet telepathy. What better way to connect with a reader/listener than through this short medium.

Three – It’s essential as a part of a website, which I plan to own someday for readers to learn more about this guy who loves storytelling.

Four – I follow some blogs, too, and I observe how they keep it like a mother would hold on to her newborn. Such dedication gets me to the laptop on due dates to posts (and sometimes, before due dates, though that is becoming less frequent).

Five – A form of practice in a way. As an aspiring writer, one of the requirement is to write daily. There have been days (and I sure hope today wouldn’t join that list) when all I wrote was the post. Nothing more. Lazy writer, you might think. Well, you aren’t that off target. Everyone does at a stage. All that matters is that I get back to writing.

So, we have a post. What about you? Why do you maintain a blog/ read other blogs. Kindly leave suggestions in the comment box.

After-word: One of the factors that influence my sluggishness in writing is being ‘self-conscious.’ Stephen King said, “writing is at its best when it is a form of inspired play for the writer.” Not me. I’m always too self-conscious. Thinking, would this impress people? Would they feel it’s pointless? Or not well structured? I abstain from bringing this attitude into my blog, so pardon any error that may have been spotted. Thank you.


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