Starting with a choice


Our world is rapidly developing, changes occurring daily. As with the rate of development, so is the competition. It’s like a differential calculus where the change in one value equals a similar change in another. The rate of change has affected every branch of the human society. Today’s post might be a little twisty, please stay with me.

In the meek hours of today, when I hadn’t planned to jump on a motorbike to catch a meet, I read the bio of an author who got rejected 86 times before ever getting a yes. That was thirteen years after he decided to pick up writing. It would be a fair judgment that ninety-percent of his books have hit bestsellers now.

Two hours after reading his bio, I watched the preview of a football season where a team who won best performance for the month of October found themselves in a battle of survival seven months later. A battle was it indeed, for until the precise last minute, they weren’t assured of a place in the league for the following season. In that same season, another underdog team that clinched sixth position have now been relegated to the second-tier competition. That was just six years ago.

How does this affect you and me? Permit me to reference another post from the same blog. It mentioned that each writer should have a ‘cause’ which he is passionate about, which reflects in all his books. Took a while for me to realize that my ‘cause’ might have not been fully exploited yet. Given, I’m yet to publish a book, but I discovered that my ‘cause’ could be: special abilities + single parenthood + a bit of science = finding faith and discovering identity in Christ. However long it might be, I’ve chosen to undertake this journey.

Which brings us to Thursday Love serials. I picked this quote from a book which says, ‘Love is only love if chosen.’ (A Gentle Thunder by Max Lucado). Bingo. Perfect. The beauty of Love lies in the choice we are given. Love is a choice. And it works out best when we get to choose Love, despite other alternatives.

It would be more effective if I decide to forgive someone who hurt me despite alternative not-so-good choices. I imagine if the Crucifixion was a ‘must do’ job for Christ and not a choice. We wouldn’t be referencing Him so much as now. But because He chose, we can term it ‘the greatest act of Love.’

And therein sums up all I’ve been saying about Love over the last eight or nine Thursdays. Leaving you with this: ‘There remaineth faith, hope, and love. And the greatest of this is love.’{1 Corinthians 13:13} And, ‘Long ago, even before he made the world, God chose us to be his very own…” {Ephesians 1:4 TLB}Therefore, choose love, for love works when nothing else does.


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