Let Love guide you.

let love guide you 3

I was accosted in a dark alley. The assailant took a semi-auto from the back pocket of a tattered jeans and shoved me against the wall. I felt my back erase the ‘do not cross this path’ warning scrawled in pink chalk on the antique grey and white wall. My hands fell by my side, gripping the rough patches that resulted from gang activities and street fights.

He covered the few feet between us so that his breath diluted with the air around me before I inhaled, thick air with a smoky scent filtering through my nostrils. His beard, shaggy and untrimmed, scape the smooth surface of my face as he spoke.

“You. I’ve been meaning to get you.”

The polluted air around became too thin to be inhaled, so I opened my mouth to breathe in, but he thought I wanted to speak so he did what he knew best. The slap was so sudden that I didn’t do anything else but stare, channeling whatsoever energy that hadn’t vanished to stifling the tears that gathered. Fogs started assembling behind my brain.

I maintained a stare even as he said, “So tell me what this message you’ve been preaching about Love is. You have done a lot of theory, it’s time to get real.”

At that moment, the assembled fogs took over and I lost it to the empty world.


I’m glad to betray you and reveal that the above incident is one of the stacks of imaginary work I’ve got in my brain. One that everyone has got. That’s a topic for another day. Right now, I’d love to state how I’d love to apply love to my personal life.

Love is never jealous, therefore, I’d celebrate the success of others.

Love sacrifices, so I’d gladly let others do it if and when they can do it better.

Love forgives, so I choose not to take offence against anyone’s action.

Love listens, so I’d wait for reasons and motives before judging.

Love is patient, so I won’t be anxious to possess anything, virtue or vice, be it material or immaterial.

Love encourages, so I’d look out for the good in others.

Love works in harmony, so I’d be glad to add others join me, ready to share productive and positive ideas with others.

Love is foolish to human wisdom, so I’d gladly relate in love with others even when I’m being scorned.

Love believes, so I’d never give up on others nor myself, no matter how hard the circumstances. Also, I’d put my trust solely in Christ, for that is the ingredient I need for life eternal.

Above all, Love endures forever, so I’d rely on and trust in the Holy Spirit to help me live a life of love.

After-word: Let love guide your life. (Col 3:14, The Living Bible)

Your turn: How would you apply love to your quotidian life? Feel free to comment and share.


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