Promise fulfilled

Document signing

Last week, I mentioned sharing a snippet of my WIP… Here it goes… It’s not exactly the beginning of a scene nor its end… Just a snippet.

“Often, we conclude we get no premonition before we experience our best and worst moments. A lot of times, we do,” a psychologist had remarked at a speech I sat in during my sophomore year at Maidene State University. The day I’d conclude that wishes weren’t horses is among the few that leaves no warning sign. Continue Reading

The Unplanned Love-Act


If you’re following this blog, you’d observe there was no notification of a post yesterday. That’s because the unprecedented swept into my schedule like a tornado blast. This morning, as I struggled with what to do: apologize for missing a ‘love’ serial or pretend as if nothing went wrong, this occurred: The Unplanned Love-Act. Continue Reading

Monday Mix – Why do I blog?

Monday audience

Warning!!! This isn’t the post you should be seeing today. But it is here, thanks to my laziness. I intended posting a snippet of my Work In Progress, however, a tardiness in running errands and finishing projects won’t allow that. And I had to get a message across. God loves me, you know, because I just found out what to post.

Why do I post on my blog? Why am I keen on regular posts? Continue reading

Starting with a choice


Our world is rapidly developing, changes occurring daily. As with the rate of development, so is the competition. It’s like a differential calculus where the change in one value equals a similar change in another. The rate of change has affected every branch of the human society. Today’s post might be a little twisty, please stay with me.

In the meek hours of today, when I hadn’t planned to jump on a motorbike to catch a meet, I read the bio of an author who got rejected 86 times Continue reading

Birthday Blog – Recounting Lessons

My birthdayHurray! Did anyone miss my yesterday’s post? There was no post because of two reasons, one of which was beyond me. The other reason is this: I’m a year older today. Eighteen is the age. And I thought, why not wait till today before putting something on my blog? Sounded cool. Now, what I intended to write was how scared I am to be 18. The responsibility that comes with being an adult is enough to kick me back to under-18. However, I won’t be talking about that. Yeah. What would I post then? Continue Reading

Overflowing Love

Overflowing love

There would be no post. Not today. Maybe not ever.

That was my decision when my brother asked if I’d be posting on my blog today. “No,” I said. And rightly so. I was fed up. Average post views were sub-par. Twas like every hour invested in doing this was water being poured into a basket. No effect.

11:40 a.m. Tired. I didn’t know what to do. I wasn’t intent on posting to show how faithful and diligent I could be. It was just a drawing, like the pull of a tornado. Couldn’t resist. Couldn’t fight. Couldn’t overcome. So, I prayed. Asked God for help. That He would help me make sense of all this. Given, the views shouldn’t count, but no one would keep at something without an incentive. Continue Reading

I read a book.

Grace by Max

This past week, I took a break from reading writing books, novels, science related booklets (Miracle metals for example) and learning various methods of differential calculus and determinants. Guess what I did. I read a book. That’s right. Went on hiatus of reading books to read a book. And that’s it in the picture. GRACE: More than we deserve, Greater than we imagine by Max Lucado. This might come across as a review or something. I didn’t stop to process that. Kindly bear with me.

Before I dive into the transforming message, let me share a little of Max’s creative writing style as reflected in the book: ‘The Red Sea opened like a curtain and closed like a shark’s jaw.’ – describing the transition of the Israelites and how God watched their back. Continue Reading