Like a budding flower

budding flowerSome months back, the time between spring and fall to be precise, I had a maize plant in an unoccupied garden of our building. It was such a delight to peek out every evening and note its progress, but waiting for the seed buried under four inches of sand to pop out its head and grow was like waiting for your just-wedded bride who is crossing the Atlantic by ship. And then it came out. And started growing. A stalk today. A cob another. The cobs took on full shape and blossomed into edible sizes. Today, the grains from the cobs have long been digested, but the lesson I’m drawing is as fresh as ever.

I’ve always wondered how God feels when His bride no longer waits for the promised return but rather goes off into the sinful world. Do you think God experiences sorrow as a result of our refusal to grow and mature in the nature of Jesus?

Today, while reading Philippians, Paul prayed for the church that they would *‘overflow in love for one another and for others.’ The truth, however, is that ‘the love of many has gone cold.’

It’s funny that this present generation expects others to do well to them first, show an act of kindness before they reciprocate. The belief is that anyone who wouldn’t add to you doesn’t deserve your kindness. Not that I’m advocating for keeping relationships with ‘parasites’ who would readily suck us dry, no. I’m hoping we would see that love is the way to go, anytime, any day.

And the truth is, we can’t give what we don’t have. It all starts with accepting what we are being offered (so says Father Andrew in my WIP). There’s no way we can love even our own family if we do not accept the love Christ offers. And I’m not trying to preach here, but to be logical.

You’d like to see a change in your boss’s behavior, right? I’m certain of students who would give anything for the class president/captain to stop hating them. Now, we do not have to give anything, we just need to accept what we are being offered.

Given, there are those who would never change, no matter how much we attempt (the Pharisees didn’t), but we can’t judge until we try. How beautiful it is when we show love.

Besides, you need to check this out. *‘And I pray that your love may abound more and more and extend to its fullest development in knowledge… and comprehensive discernment.’ Simply, we grow in knowledge and discernment as we grow in love. **Also, we would be presented pure, blameless, and holy in our hearts when we overflow in love…

So, what’s stopping you? What’s stopping me? What’s stopping us? Join me in making a decision to burst open with the Love of Christ, first by accepting His love always, and then by offering it to others. The blessings are limitless.

Thank you for reading.

* – Philippians 1:9

** – 1st Thessalonians 3: 12-13

P.S: My Thursday posts are on Love (my WIP is a novel that explores God’s Love and I dedicated Thursdays to It.) For other discussions, preview my previous Mon-Tues blogs and stay subscribed to coming ones. Also, show an act of love to this brother and share this post. The more reached, the better blessed.


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