Yet Another Dimension

Two days ago, I started a trip that took me thirty-two hours away from home. The fun of it was that I got to play with these kids who were seeing me for the first time yet took me in like I was one of their own. They didn’t mind sharing their drinks, showing me assignments, and endorsing a tickle of their ribs.

However, the parents took me on another whirlwind ride. You know that cliché that you can’t love without giving, it’s right. Diving deeper taught me something else though. You always have more than enough to give.

I grew up believing that you could only be a giver when you are earning a seven-figure annual salary. Now, I have an entirely different story to tell. Giving is the finished work of Love. One of my pastor is fond of saying that, ‘God loved the world so much that he gave.’ No one would have accepted the truth that He loves us if He didn’t give His only begotten son.

Something else I learnt is this. Money should rank last in your charity act. There are tons of values to bestow on others. Example. That boy who walks home alone from school, walk with him. The widow that hops to the market on a day that has you curled up in front of the fireplace, offer to pick up the groceries for her. Save a seat for someone in church, a football game, or an event. Help your neighbor with her math homework. Join the gramps in playing golf.

How do you know you are giving out of Love? There’s a contentment that comes with it, and a joy for the recipient of such act. How are you sure you aren’t doing too much? As long as it isn’t causing harm to anyone, including you, then it’s a safe mark. You might think, Mike, but I am not a Christian. I say, you would just be surprised how Loving the Father is.

So this week, show another dimension of Love.


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