Waiting for the way.

Not forgetting the importance of a regular post on one’s blog, I decided to skip a post today, mainly because our power supply took up a fault on Sunday’s midnight. A supplementary reason was lack of data for connecting to the internet.

As a result, I had no story to share. It wasn’t until this morning while reading a devotional that the idea of asking for a data transfer (our network provider allows it) from my elder brother. It takes about ten minutes for the sharing process to be done, but I got the notification not more than thirty seconds after ending the call.

So, the opportunity to post came, (the laptop was charged as at when I started typing, I’d just have to look for a place to recharge) but I wasn’t prepared. And therein lies a lesson for me and a message for you.

There’s a cliché that goes thus, ‘where there’s a will, there definitely would be a way.’ How true that is. I had only a tiny wish to leave something for myself and readers on my blog today, and the way reared its head out. However, something that should have been added to the saying is this: will should be coated with preparation. For only then would the way that shows up be fully exploited.

Your turn:

Have you had an incident where you thought your plan would fail miserably, but you had the last minute twist? What did it feel like?



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