Opportunity cost

Hello. Ever found yourself in a tight box (metaphorically) when you had to wonder if what led you to the crossroad was worth it, and how else you could go about your goals, or target without having to let go of so much?

Well, I have. And here’s what I do – opportunity cost. It’s a term in high school Economics that simply goes as sacrificing something to gain another. According to those who brought forward this principle, there’s no way a human would acquire an asset without paying with a resource.

In our quotidian tasks, the asset could be getting an A+ in an exam, having that contract granted, or just writing a thousand words in your WIP. Whatever it is, something must go. For the student, it is the hours spent studying. The contract-seeker would have done a lot in presenting his product, analyzing prospective clients etc. And the writer, hmm, he would be closing the door against a reality that the hour(s) could be invested in more rewarding projects.

Here goes someone else’s opinion, summed up in seven words. His name is Ralph W. Emerson, and the quote goes thus, “For everything you gain, you lose something.”


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