The way of Jesus

Walking down the aisle in the third column of the market, I stopped at a grocery’s to round off my shopping list. The woman who owned the shop had gone off for some not so unusual gossip, leaving a four-feet-eight girl to attend to my list.

I was about to exit the shop when the garrulous owner returned, mouth rambling in our native language. Apparently, a pilferer had just been nabbed.

As the market people-turned-mob gathered to watch the interrogation, I not excluded, the suspected man pleaded his case, a shower of tears forming on fear-filled face. Remembering the extent of my next commitment, I excused myself and started down the way home just as I heard ‘Love your enemies.’

The muzzle of a gun grazing my head could not have produced a better effect. I resumed the journey without giving the words a chance to bud.

Hours later, thinking of what blog post to write on Love, the scenario played over in memory. And then I realized.

Love in the way of the Father is so unusual that I find it difficult to practice. It’s as Paul said, “The Love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost…” It can’t ever be by my own strength or willpower.

Putting to act what He had preached, Jesus said, “Today shalt thou be with me in paradise…” If I were the criminal on the cross, I wouldn’t wait the next minute before dying.

So, as we continue our sojourn in this world, while I won’t preach pardoning all crimes, I’d say the Father would be well pleased if we open our ears to His voice and act on His instructions especially if they pertain to showing love, however odd.

After all, He is Alpha and Omega. Obeying Him concerning an act of Love might just save the next villain.


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