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As I awoke this morning, numb with headache, I knew today should be different. It wasn’t until I had washed that it clicked. My brother is a year older. Now, I’m not big on poems as he is, but it is worth dedicating today’s post to him.

There is the proverb that a brother is born for adversity. This have I seen in the life of one who I have been blessed with as a brother even in this ephemeral. Remember the mornings that I’d call you ‘Taith’ as you wrapped up preparations for your exam. Those nights of sheltering me under your embrace as the hope of another morning was not bleak but lost.

I used to think I could do what my mates did, but you always ringed it in my ear that I was different, even when I understood not the variance between black and white.

And talking about identity, you with no indignation lent me yours for years on, all the while talking about building an identity of mine. We are two entities, and can never be the same. (BTW, a few people still address me as Faith before realizing almost immediately that I’m Michael.)

Conversations that read like this:

“Mike, can I use the laptop?”

“I’m doing something on it,” I’d say.

“I won’t take long.”

And as the occasion demands, my response would be “okay,” or “no.”

Not to spill much ink, I’m the most grateful to God today for being gifted with you. Thank you for praying that day eighteen years back.

Happy birthday Emmanuel Faith. God be with you always. I Love You.


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