Let Love Lead (2)

I had to be certain I  wouldn’t be biased before posting this. The word Love has sparked not a few controversies among bible scholars, theologians, and the waitress serving tea. In an age where most would do almost anything to satisfy their needs, including betraying families, it’s hard to talk of Love, and practising it is even a harder task.

But, the truth still remains. Love will always be the way out in the end. I’ve often wondered why Jesus would ask us to Love our enemies, when doing the same to those we call friends is Herculean in itself. Trust me, I’ve tried, and still am.

So this is it. The world preaches ‘every man for himself.’ We are to love our brothers to the point of laying down our lives. The world says ‘all is fair in love and war.’ Our duty is to be unfair so to speak in loving our enemies. (Doing good to someone who hates me is nowhere near fairness.)

I’m trying not to be preachy, so pardon me if I am. I’m kind of in a hurry and I just had to let this out. As much as where we live in, for the moment, would throw situations that would want us to react with anger, hatred, violence, we have all that it takes to return the favor with Love. The kind that Jesus has.

I’m not a fluent writer or some sort, (still working on my first novel length manuscript which is digging deep into how easy it is to love someone who definitely seeks our destruction) but I do hope that I got the message across well enough. Like that infamous mantra: Love like Jesus did.


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