A taste of everything.

There have been those pensive moments when I wondered if this was the ‘good’ life indeed. If there ever was anything like the ‘good’ life. Growing up, the beliefs indoctrinated into us were that those who went to church had the good life and everyone else was a goner.

So, when I joined the churchgoers and nothing seemed to change, I knew some equations needed to be balanced. Then, I discovered that going to church doesn’t guarantee what we need, having a relationship with Christ did.

Not wanting to waste precious time, I signed up. I remember still a particular day when this well-framed preacher in blue tailored suit looked at us, though I believed he was addressing me, and said, “if you are a Christian and you aren’t wealthy, or you are always going to the hospital, or occupying the bottom slot in your class, not getting promotion at that job you’ve been serving for years, something is wrong with you.”


My mouth fell slack (thankfully, I didn’t drip spittle). That meant the blue shirt I wore that day wasn’t what was designed for me. Going by his words, I shouldn’t be wearing a piece more than twice. So, I began the quest for the good stuffs.

Speed up to now, I have another side of the tale to share. Yesterday, I was going through Psalms, and I saw this: ‘He (the Lord) puts the righteous and the wicked to the test.’

End of story. In this world, we aren’t going to have the smooth ride, free of bumps. A quote I came across last year goes like this: “When everything’s coming your way, you are on the wrong side of the road.” Simply put, no matter your religion, you aren’t going to have everything you want. It always will be a taste of everything.

As Christians, our ultimate goal should be to make heaven, not to possess the earth. What will be the gain afterward? So, dear reader, if you are going through something presently, and you begin to wonder if something in you is an anathema, fear not. Trust in the light which you are, and things would turn out well.

It is all about tasting everything.

Your turn: When have you nursed the thought that something was wrong with you? Has there been any instance when you asked if what you were pursuing was worth it? What did you do?


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