Let Love Lead

One of the most discussed but least practised theme in the Christian faith is Love. However, Love is not just what the Christian needs to survive, it is what the world needs to stand.

In the letter to one of the seven churches, it was iterated that ‘you don’t love me as at first.’ Paul, the mystic apostle, said in 2 Timothy that men would be a lover of themselves and not of God. See how key love is?

However, Love isn’t as easy to practise at it seems, neither is it a high wall you can not climb. It is all about finding the balance. (I’ve read several novels that talks about this, and I’m at the moment, working on one, trusting it would draw enough people to get published.)

So, in a nutshell, we should pattern our lives after Jesus, who dined with the Gentiles, yet stated that He came to save the Jews. We should know that it is about acceptance, not tolerance. (Read Sinner by Ted Dekker for more.)

If we find a way around this, Letting Love Lead, we would find the society, not perfect, but liveable. Isn’t that what we all want?

P.S: Kindly share this post to friends. I’m trying to build a platform. And leave comments if you can. Thank you.


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