Beyond the fog

I like to think of life not just as a journey, but one with a carved out path. The difference between both being like that between distance and displacement.  The absence of direction in the former.

On this carved out path we travel, lush green grass comes first, serving two purpose: 1. To give the best welcome we could get. 2. To lead us into the desert.

And in the desert comes the fog. This is the point where most people, including I, give up. We do not trust in He who is Alpha and Omega, and so we think the fog never ends. We forget the lush grass that welcomed us, like the Israelites did.

The fog is termed so many things: exam failures, financial setback, political crisis, writer’s block (of which I’m watchful), economic depression, mention them.

What do we do when we encounter this thick fog? Here is what works for me in the few years I’ve started living. 1. Realize that the fog is almost unending. 2. There is an end to it. 3. Everyone, every single person, travels through this fog. And the world celebrates those that see its end.

For Thomas Edison, it was 1000 experiments. Ben Carson’s was uncontested last position and anger. Lee Kwan Yew’s was lack of resources (except human of course). Give it an unbiased thought. Everyone you’ve known who made an impact went through the fog.

I’m presently going through mine. You are too, you just may not know it. And the end is in the Omega’s hands. So, let’s trust Him together?


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